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Destination Northside Coalition

The Destination Northside Coalition is a group of organizations committed to the long-term economic prosperity of North Minneapolis. 

Our founding members (NEON, CRF, WBC, TRI-Construction, NDC, BWWA, LISC Twin Cities, Nura) all have demonstrated a deep commitment to supporting the needs of North Minneapolis businesses and entrepreneurs. In 2020, after the murder of George Floyd, these trusted community pillars came together to amplify their impact and strengthen the long-term viability and success of North Minneapolis.

As the Destination Northside Coalition has grown, so has our potential for success. We are able to bring more expertise and resources to bear on the complex issues facing our community, and we are able to leverage more resources for North Minneapolis businesses, families, and individuals. Together, we are working to develop thriving Northside business corridors, expand wealth-building opportunities, and transform North Minneapolis from a drive-through to a destination.

The Destination Northside Coalition seeks to:

Transform North Minneapolis

Transform North Minneapolis into a more prosperous, healthy and thriving environment that is centered on sustaining a good quality of life for our residents.

Strengthen Northside Businesses

Strengthen Northside business corridors as key destinations for families, individuals, stakeholders and visitors.

Increase North Minneapolis Visibility

Increase North Minneapolis’ visibility and viability as a destination while growing our assets and building cultural wealth through generations.

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